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Tamang’s are a self supportive farming community that thrive in the foothills of the Himalaya. Open, warm and friendly, Tamang’s are a delight to be around and form a large part of the community in Nagarkot. Look out the to the fields and you will see Tamang went bent over millet and rice and the men steering oxen ploughing up the fields ready for planting. Tamang’s eat what they grow on their own lands: wheat and barley during the months may through July; potatoes in August through October; millet, maize and some rice from November to April or May. They will not allow buffalo meat, garlic, nettles or paha the tree toad to the forest in their houses, although there is no prohibition against eating these things if they are cooked outside in the open or in some other house.Tamang people are Buddhist and you can notice there house because they are normally marked with some kind of prayer flag and decorations. Tamang’s also have many festivals and you can often see colourful displays of singing and dancing by both the village men and women. Tamang also have their own Language.