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Getting to Nagarkot is easy. You can hire a private vehicle form Kathmandu, enjoy half day sightseeing in Bhaktapur on the way or in the main tourist season there is a daily bus service from behind Thamel to Nagarkot. Alternatively there are hourly local buses from Bhaktapur city and Kathmandu Bus Park. If you catch the local bus, you will have to change in Kamalbhinayak to get the bus to Nagarkot. You can also hire a motorbike from Kathmandu and drive yourself up to Nagarkot if you have international drivers license.

Most of the hotels in Nagarkot have their own private transport for the tourist. Apart from this, there is proper public transportation facility. At one and half hours of transportation from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu (International Airport), one can easily reach to Nagarkot with the view of beautiful sceneries in the surroundings.

One alternative option to getting to Nagarkot is by Mountain Bike. One can hire a bike in one of Kathmanduís mountain bike shops. There are two options; one is the route from Boulda and Sankhu, a nice off-road ride through the country side with 9km of climbing on a rugged jeep track. The second is the easier on road option, though be prepared for a little traffic, from Kathmandu cycle to Bhaktapur and then head to Kamalbhinayak and the road through Telkot to Nagarkot, total is 32 km with 11 km of easy pitched road climbing.

There are several hiking routes to Nagarkot. One is from Bhaktapur via Changunayran Temple a walk of around 5 hours including time to visit the temple. If you take the bus to the temple, you can then walk through the Telkot Forest and reach Nagarkot in 3 hours. Another options is to get transport to the lovely town of Sankhu and then hike up the back roads and small tracks to Nagarkot, this route takes 3 to 4 hours and affords great views of the green valleys and Himalayas.